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Power Solids/Booleans for Rhino 4.0

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Published: 2010-11-23 23:08:01
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$355.50 USD

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Host Application: Rhino
Host Application Version: 4.0
Operating System: Multiple
Plugin Version: 4.00

Turbo Charge your Rhino with Power Solids/Booleans plug-ins.

Power Solids and Power Booleans are designed to provide Rhino users with a set of extremely reliable tools that will give them both a more productive and a more creative working environment.

Power Solids is specifically designed extend the functionality of Rhino in the area of high-end solids modeling. Power Solids on Rhino contains three primary tools to complement the existing Rhino toolset, Power Boolean Tree, Power Filleting, Power Surface Filleting, Power Face Edit and Power Shelling. The combination of Rhino with Power Solids provides a geometric toolset equivalent or superior to most Solids Modeling Packages.

So Fast! So Easy! So Reliable! So Powerful! So Much Fun to Use!

The Power Boolean Tree tool utilizes a history tree to enable: editing operands, changing Boolean operations, and integrated filleting of intersections, operator or operand edges. The Filleting Tool provides constant radius, constant distance and variable radius filleting of Rhino PolySurface objects additionally it can handle many difficult filleting cases. The Shelling tool provides both extended and rounded corner offsets for open and closed PolySurface objects.

Power Solids/Booleans for Rhino Features

Power Boolean Tree - maintains an Editable CSG Tree that performs NURBS Booleans with optional rounding of intersection edges. The Tree maintains both the original objects (surfaces or polysurfaces) and the resulting polysurface. The Boolean Tree command can be used to compute an new result if the tree operand ordering, fillet parameters any of the original objects are modified. The Tree is saved in the Rhino *.3dm file.

Power Booleans Product - includes a NURBS Tessellation tool and a Polygon Boolean Tool as options in the Power Boolean Tree command. Power Booleans also provides a NURBS Tessellation algorithm that can produce very high quality "water tight" meshes suitable for a wide variety of applications including Stereolighography, Game Development, Animation, Manufacturing and Rendering Applications. See the Rhino 3.0 Help files for more information and examples.

Power Fillet - maintains a list of "Fillet Sets" each of which contain which contains list of edges to be filleted, the filleting parameters. The original object and the resulting filleted object are dynamically linked so that the Fillet Sets may be saved and edited at a later time. The Power Fillet command provides tools for constant radius, constant distance and variable radius filleting. The cross section for the fillet surfaces can be a rational arc, approximated arc, line segment, or weighted blend curve of G1, G2 or G3 continuity. Power Fillet handles many difficult large radius cases such as self intersection fillets, fillets rolling over tangent surfaces, fillets rolling over protrusions or holes in adjacent faces. Power Fillet also produces high quality blend corners where multiple fillets of different edges join. G2 and G3 corners are closely approximated to produce a corner blend with the same continuity as the adjacent fillets.

Power Shell – provided a tool to do shelling and offsetting of solids. The user can specify a positive offset or a negative offset distance to inset. Power Shell can offset with either surface extension or with filleting. Both open and closed objects can be shelled. Power Shell can also produce an offset solid object from a surface or Polysurface.

Power Surface Fillet - Get started modeling with solids quickly and easily with the nPower Primitives. provides a tool to generate a fillet between two separate surfaces. The result produced is a polysurface with the two original surfaces trimmed and the fillet surface. Power Surface Fillet is able to produce G2 and G3 blended fillets as well variable radius fillets.

Power Face Edit - provides the ability to replace the surface geometry of a face while maintaining the same topological configuration. For example, you can replace the surface a planar face of a cube with a non-planar surface. It can extend or contract adjacent faces during the replacement process. This tool gives the user the ability to sculpt solids or polysurfaces

To activate your license (Rhino 4.0):

1) Download the software via email link

2) Run the installer

3) Install the plug-in using the Rhino Plug-in Manager. Select the "Tools/Plugin Manager" from the main menu and select the "Load" button in the Dialog. There should be a "PowerSolids*.rhp" file in your ".../Rhinoceros 4.0/Plug-ins" directory that can be selected for loading. If you do not see the file listed, click on the "Install" button and then go to the .../Rhinoceros 4.0/Plug-ins directory and select the PowerSolids*.rhp file to install

4) This should bring up a licensing dialog that will allow you to demo, purchase or activate the product

5) Enter your licence sent via separate email to activate


The "nPower" menu should appear on the Main toolbar and the Power Solids
ToolBar should also appear. The ToolBar buttons are from left to right:
PowerFillet, PowerShell, PowerBoolTree, PowerSurfaceFillet, PowerFaceEdit .

NOTE: The first time you run you will need to install the plug-in using
the Rhino Plug-in Manager. Select the "Tools/Plugin Manager" from the
main menu and select the "Load" button in the Dialog. There should be a
"PowerSolids*.rhp" file in your ".../Rhinoceros/Plug-ins" directory that can
be selected for loading.

NOTE 2: To see the ToolBar you will need to load the PowerSolids toolbar.
From the main menu select "Tools/Toolbar Layout...". In the "Toolbars" dialog
"Import" and select the Power Solids toolbar "PowerSolids.tb" which resides
in the c:/Program Files/Rhinoceros 3.0/Plug-ins directory or what ever directory
where your version of Rhino 3.0 lives . If you have the tool bar loaded and
don't see the tools, make sure there is a check mark in the PowerSolids
toolbar on the bottom window when you select PowerSolids in the top window
of the Toolbar Layout dialog.

NOTE 3: This plug-in is an "auto-load" plug-in. This means that you will not
see the menu until you invoke the command the first time during the session
and force the plug-in to load. You can do this by typing one of the commands
into the Rhino command line "PowerFillet", "PowerShell", etc. or
selecting one of the commands from the Power Solids Toolbar.

 For additional help please read our FAQ located in the Support Forums.

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Power Solids/Booleans for Rhino 4.0
Power Solids/Booleans for Rhino 4.0
$395.00 USD
$355.50 USD

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