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Power Solids/Booleans 4.10 for Rhino 4.0 Demo

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Published: 2012-11-09 01:58:06
Price: Free

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Host Application: Rhino
Host Application Version: 4.0
Operating System: Multiple
Plugin Version: 4.10

  Turbo Charge your Rhino with Power Solids/Booleans plug-ins.

  Power Solids and Power Booleans are designed to provide Rhino users with a set of extremely reliable tools that will give them both a more productive and a more creative working environment.

  30 Day Trial of nPower Power Rhino Plug-ins for Rhino.

  The Demo Version expires after 30 days. Note that the the demo includes both Power Booleans and Power Solids functionality. Detailed information about what comes with each product is available in our Rhino Power Solids Product Page. You may purchase a permanent version at our web store or through one of our many resellers.

  Online Help Link

  NOTE: For windows vista/7 users or if you are getting Error 7 or 9, after installing the plugin using the above installer, you need to run Rhino as administrator by right clicking the Rhino exe and selecting "Run as administrator."

  To activate the Power Solids / Booleans demo (Rhino 4.0):

  1) Download the software using the link below.
  2) Run the installer.
  3) Install the plug-in using the Rhino Plug-in Manager. Select the "Tools/Plugin Manager" from the main menu and select the "Load" button in the Dialog. There should be a "PowerSolids*.rhp" file in your ".../Rhinoceros 4.0/Plug-ins" directory that can be selected for loading. If you do not see the file listed, click on the "Install" button and then go to the .../Rhinoceros 4.0/Plug-ins directory and select the PowerSolids*.rhp file to install.
  4) This should bring up a licensing dialog that will allow you to demo, purchase or activate the product.

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