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Power NURBS [PRO] / Translators Basic Bundle

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nPower Software  Ellite Seller Top Rated
Avail.Files: Zip (.zip, .rar) v.2.82 Max 7 & 8
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Keywords nPower tool Rhino NURBS translator Max solids import export modeling ACAP plug-in plugin demo trial bundle collection
Category Plug-Ins» Collections
Published: 2010-11-26 03:55:25
Price: $1,195.00 USD
$1,075.00 USD

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Host Application: 3ds Max
Host Application Version: 7, 8, 9, 2009
Operating System: Multiple
Plugin Version: Various

 Save hundreds by buying Power NURBS [PRO] & Power Translator Basic together in one bundle!

 Quick Installation Reference:

 Quick Help Prior to Installing Power NURBS Bundle...

 After installing NURBS Bundle and selecting the appropriate plugin in the first dialogue option, the following config file (nPower_Config30.ini) should be created in the root Max directory. If you are having any difficulties with the product, first check if the config file has the corresponding attribute:




  Make sure that NURBSPro and TranslatorsBasic are the ONLY nPower Products enabled

  *Translators Universal is compatible with NURBS Bundle*

Installation Instructions:

If you have a previous version (including demo version), first uninstall the previous version. And then use the following instructions.

1. Download the installer from the links provided in your download email (choose the version that matches your version of 3ds Max / Viz)

2. Run the installer on your machine. Make sure to choose the appropriate product during the install (choose Power Translators Basic or Power NURBS Pro). Also, make sure that you select the correct top level 3ds Max directory to install to. For example, the default 3ds Max installation directory for Max 9 is C:/Program Files/Autodesk/3ds Max 9.

3. Unzip and copy the nPower_Config20.ini file (see download link above) into your top level 3ds Max directory (the same directory that you installed into).

4. If you have not received one yet, request a serial number from

5. Start up Max and try to do a sketch or import - a different authorization dialog will pop up - make sure that "Localhost" is selected, and then click on the "Authorize" button, and choose the online authorization. Then enter the Serial number that you received (along with your personal information).

 For additional help please read our FAQ located in the Support Forums.

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Power NURBS [PRO] / Translators Basic Bundle
Power NURBS [PRO] / Translators Basic Bundle
$1,195.00 USD
$1,075.00 USD

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