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Maya Power Translators

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Avail.Files: Zip (.zip, .rar) v.1.15 Maya 8.5
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Published: 2010-11-23 19:38:02
Price: $495.00 USD
$445.00 USD

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Host Application: Maya
Host Application Version: 8.5, 2008, 2009
Operating System: Multiple
Plugin Version: Various

Rethink everything you know about importing CAD data into MAYA.

 From the award winning advanced geometry team that redefined CAD translation for Autodesk 3ds Max, comes the next generation of CAD data translation for Autodesk Maya, Maya Power Translators.

The Power of Surface and Solids Modeling.

 If you're one of the increasing number of designers and artists that are looking for a better way to get mechanical CAD design data into Maya, then your wait is over. nPower Software's Maya Power Translators give you the power to import IGES, STEP, SAT, Rhino models directly into Maya. Forget the Poly translated mesh importers of the past. nPower Software's advanced Maya Geometry pipeline supports the original CAD model's precision NURBS-based surface and solids geometry and topology allowing you to re-tessellate your mesh to whatever resolution you want on the fly. Have you tried importing CAD files with the existing importers in Maya and had a bad experience? Do you wish you could import larger models? Do you wish the surfaces were sewn together when you imported (instead of having multiple separate surfaces). Well, then find out what thousands of Max artists already know; Power Translators work.

MAYA Power Translators Features:

Improved Translation Speed - Tired of waiting for large CAD models to import into Maya? Maya Power Translators next generation geometry data conversion is specially designed to expedite the import processes of large CAD Models.

Resolution Independent Mesh – Maya Power Translator’s Imported NURBS objects are procedural allowing you the freedom to increase or decrease the Veiwport Mesh or Render Mesh polygon count as needed.

Precise nPower NURBS representation - Maya Power Translators imports precise geometric NURBS data for trimmed surfaces, solids models and assemblies from IGES, STEP, SAT, and Rhino formats.

Improved Memory Management - Running out of memory when importing complex CAD models? Maya Power Translators intelligent assembly and part instancing technology drastically reduce memory overhead of complex CAD data sets.

NURBS Surface Edge Welding - Tired of dealing with a NURBS model made up of hundreds or even thousands of individual NURBS surfaces? Maya Power Translators automatically detects adjoining NURBS surfaces and welds/sews them during the translation process producing single multi-surface crack free models with lower polygon counts.

To activate your license:

  1) Download the software using links above sent via email
  2) Install it into your Maya / Studio Tools directory. If prompted enter as the installation directory the location of Maya executable directory. For example: c:Program FilesAutodeskMaya2008.
  3) Start up Maya and import a file using our translator. It will prompt you for authorization. Send the authorization information to You will get back an authorization code to enter into this dialog.


  For Maya 2011 and above - Direct Connect, which conflicts with nPower Translators, is now enabled by default. Disable it by going to Windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager then unchecking the boxes to the right of DirectConnect.mll

  On Vista - run first time and when authorizing using right click and "Run as Administrator" to install license.

 For additional help please read our FAQ located in the Support Forums.

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Maya Power Translators
Maya Power Translators
$495.00 USD
$445.00 USD

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