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Why sell on, Inc. was founded by fellow 3D Artists with a combined 20 plus years of experience & credits under their belts.

Not liking the ‘hoops’ other sites make you do before earning their top royalty rate we came to the conclusion we need to start our own. You will earn the full 70% royalty immediately with no exclusivity agreements, sales quotas/targets, or listing fees of any kind. Sign up for our affiliate program giving a total possible 85%! We recognize the work it takes to create quality 3D products – without your hard work sites like this one wouldn’t even exist!

Knowing is run by fellow 3D Artists you can rest assured your best interests will always take priority. The 15% - 30% taken in by the site is used to pay operating costs, site enhancements & advertising… that’s it! We’ll use the site to sell our own digital content & services.

If that’s not enough:

  1. Offer one of the highest, if not the highest royalty rates of 70%
  2. Upload and publish your products on absolutely free
  3. works to promote your products world-wide
  4. Online personal project manager to view reports on hits, sales, downloads and much more of all your products
  5. Get paid monthly for any royalties earned
  6. Your copyright is always protected
  7. We will always honor that your intellectual property belongs to you, remove or modify as you like
  8. Have yourself and/or your work featured on the main page and/or newsletters
  9. We host your products, market them, and process transactions
  10. No subscription or listing fees of any kind
  11. Continual reinvestment to improve your online experience and site promotion

Creating an account on the site is fast & easy, click here to get started. If you wish to learn more please continue reading our FAQ section.

If your question(s)/concerns were not addressed in our FAQ please contact us or visit our forums.


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