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Desktop Healer (Mac)

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Avail.Files: Zip (.zip, .rar) v.1.17 (OSX 10.5)
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Keywords Pocket Healer, Desktop Healer, Seichem, Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Healing, Lazy Healer
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Published: 2010-10-25 18:13:13
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Version: 1.17 (for OSX 10.5)
Operating System: MacOSX
Source Code Included: No

( * This is a Mac OSX 10.5 version of Pocket Healer, originally created for the iPhone * )

New in 1.17: Increased energies again. Updated text due to new website.

Receive Healing at the push of a button! Using a combination of Tera Mai Seichem, and Matrix Energetics, Desktop Healer acts as a doorway to Divine Grace. It balances and increases your energy levels, so that your body can heal itself*, and smoothes out other areas of your life. New perspectives are often gained, and changes often occur in ways we do not expect!

Desktop Healer performs to a 5 minute session, and each session can be increased or decreased by 5 minute intervals.

A session consists of the following stages.
1. Clearing your energy system.
2. Healing and releasing ties to things that are stuck in your life.
3. Raising the vibration of the energies in your life, to help transform denser energies.
4. Healing on all levels.
5. Grounding the changes into your physical body, which also helps you to be more present in the moment.

Once you start the session, just notice how your body is already feeling, and what your mind is doing. You don’t need to focus on the things you would like to resolve. Instead, feel your body. Receive some nice, comfortable breaths. If you’d like to notice the healing energy in a more obvious manner, sit or lay down in a place where you won’t be distracted, and observe how you are feeling throughout the session. Just be aware of how you are feeling: physically, emotionally, mentally. Regardless of whether or not you directly notice the energy, it is still working with you.

Changes can continue to occur for days afterward.

Here are some of the types of sensations people tend to notice during sessions with Desktop Healer:
Sudden calm, tingling, heat, cold, pulsing, vibration, floating, density, increased colors, stronger heartbeat, a feeling of flow, a lot of mental imagery.

Corey Asbreuk is a Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner, a Tera Mai Seichem Master (Sakara 3 level), and also works with the Divine Grace Light of Pranashakty Jothi.

For more information and results of testing with the BioPulsar Aura Reading Machine (From version 1.08), see:

*Not a substitute for medical advice.
Do not use while driving, as it may induce altered states.

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Desktop Healer (Mac)
Desktop Healer (Mac)
$2.99 USD

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